2: Recommended Tools and Equipment for Corsetry

Here’s a handy printable to help you make the Eventide Corset, and for Corsetry in general, these Tools and pieces of Equipment come highly recommended.

recommended tools and eqt for corsetry

Here are my recommended products for these essential Corset making items… Awl: I like a curved Awl which allows you to push holes of varying size into t he fabric. Clover do the best, it’s very sharp and mine has stayed sharp for hears. Click here to buy.

Tin Snips: my tin snips were a present from Santa in a Christmas stocking many moons ago, however; they’re still working fine and I recommend you grab a pair for cutting steel boning. The best I have found are here.

Heat Gun: you can buy a ton of craft heat guns out there but they don’t really get you’re serious about Corsetry – grabbing a decent one.

Eyelet Punch and Setting Tool: this is a very handy little tool which is also a very cost effective way of setting yourself up to insert eyelets without costing the earth. I used mine for years! Grab one here.

Eyelet Press (if you’re really serious!) can be invaluable when setting multiple eyelets and they’re surprisingly cheap. Take a look here.

Patternmaster: I got my first Patternmaster when I was 16 – which is also when I started training to be a pattern cutter – and I cannot stress enough how handy they are! I am recommending a cheaper, more cost effective version here, but head on over to the Morplan website if you would like the original or need an Imperial one.

Tailors Chalk pen: This seems to be a pretty new bit of kit but they’re super handy!! I like the ones that come with multiple chalk colours as I find that most useful, however; you can get refills in plain white chalk or multi coloured. Buy yours here and never look back!

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Happy stitching!

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