1: Printing and Assembling the Eventide Corset PDF Pattern

assemble the pattern instructions

As mentioned above, don’t let your Printer ‘scale to fit’ each page as this will reduce the overall Corset Pattern Size.

There will be a small amount of excess paper around the Pattern Pieces, and it is helpful to trim this down as you Sellotape the pieces together as it ensures greater accuracy.

If any lines are slightly chopped off, or missing a section, simply use a ruler or Patternmaster to connect. This is most likely to occur with the Side and Back panels.

Once you have Sellotaped the Pattern together, I strongly recommend using some Pattern Paper to trace it off. This will mean that, if any alterations are made, you still have the original to both refer back to and use again.

When tracing off, remember to trace off all marking including the Waistline, Grain Lines and to label each piece! As I am sure you have noticed, they all resemble each other and it is incredibly easy to get very confused!

Don’t forget that you can view the schedule for Corset Month here, grab your very own swanky copy of the Eventide Pattern here with code TANGLED10 you can get 10% off, or grab some inspiration for your Corsetry with Corset Month on Pinterest.

Happy stitching!

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