T-Shirt Pattern for January

Somerset T-Shirt by Maven Patterns.

Well, best laid plans… I have been spectacularly ill with the flu through January and have only just recovered enough to start my search BUT I’m completely obsessed with this t-shirt pattern!

You can buy it here, from The Foldline and it’s going to be one of my first #Stitch2020 makes… and I have found some amazing fabrics to make it from.

I’m glad because I managed to find some a couple plainer fabrics that meet my #Stitch2020 wardrobe challenge, all of which I think would look super ace made up in this pattern!! I’ll be wearing these with Jeans so I tried to choose colours that I thought would go with the darker denim I like, and I’ve chosen the French Terry and Ponte because I think the extra weight will make the Somerset patterns sleeve look delicious…

Grass Green Cotton French Terry, available at Lulou Fabrics here, £11p/m. Bleeker Charcoal Ponte, available at Cloth Spot here, £8.95p/m

My 2nd pattern is the Greco T from Ensemble. I love the ease of this t-shirt pattern, and I think it’ll feel really great with a pair of jeans… I am also addicted to the possibilities of that cuff!

Greco T from Ensemble. Available here.

I have chosen a few fabrics for this pattern already and they’re (squee!!) on their way… as you can see a few of them have designs that I can flip to take advantage of that cuff detail.

Vera Criss Cross from Lulou Fabrics, £14p/m available here. Dusky Pink Feather Double Gauze from Lulou Fabrics, £13.60p/m available here. Scribbles Jersey from Flamingo Fabrics, £7.20p/m available here.
Moonrise Stretch Jersey from Art Gallery Fabrics, £23.99p/m available here. Piled Ebon Stretch from Art Gallery Fabrics, £23.99p/m available here.

I found some lovely fabrics whilst searching but realised a lot of them looked a little ‘high street’ and it is one of my core beliefs that if you are carefully creating your own clothes they shouldn’t look like you marched into Debenhams and laid down some readies!!

Ssshh, but I might have to treat myself to a meter of one of these this fantastic beasts too…

Stretch Jersey Dark Green with Leopard from Stoff & Stil, £10.88. Buy here.
Grey Melange Blue Unicorn from Stoff & Stil £11.50, available here.

Because I don’t care what anyone says, we all need a t-shirt that makes you smile as much as I think these would make me smile!!

x Laura x

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