Planning your handmade Wardrobe!

If you’re joining me for #Stitch2020 I though I would lay out the plan for the next few months… As I said I want to enjoy creating what I sew for myself, but I also think having a loose plan so we can search for patterns and fabric in an organised fashion would be best.

I have been reading a few blogs and books to help me with this and they have really helped calm the panic of what can seem like a pretty daunting project. Jennifer Lauren Vintage talks about an everyday uniform here, and sewing pieces you’ll wear again and again which helped me realise I needed to add in pieces which will support what I wear everyday. Fair Fit talks about what they’ve learnt over a similar year of building a wardrobe here. She talks about the lessons learnt and it’s an interesting read to try to avoid some pitfalls if you’re like me and don’t have an awful lot of time to waste. The Sewcialists talk about building a sustainable wardrobe here, they talk about deciding how many clothes you want to sew, prioritising and organising. It’s a super interesting read that helped me step back and re-prioritise some things and streamline my plans. With My Hands Dream talks about making your handmade wardrobe more wearable here. You may also want to check out Colette’s Wardrobe Architect here.

After culling my wardrobe down to the clothing I like to wear- and wear a lot- I have come up with a few wardrobe staples I would like to make for myself that will fit into my current wardrobe. In addition I have also added in a couple pieces I would like to construct myself instead of buying so they fit/are long enough etc. When planning I have looked at what I wear on a day to day basis so I’m not making (hopefully!!) anything I wont wear! Hurrah!!

The big list is this…

T-Shirts x5 from various patterns, I may make more as they’re satisfyingly simple

Jeans x2 from the same pattern but different fabrics

Dresses/Workwear x10 from 3 or 4 different patterns, and different fabrics

Autumn Jacket x1

Winter Coat x1

Bras and Pants x3 from the same pattern

Pyjamas x3 from the same pattern

So that’s the list, it’s actually not that daunting written down, actually only a couple things a month so I really think I’m setting myself an achievable task!

Whilst that bit was less painful than I’d anticipated, deciding on the patterns and colours is very much a work in progress, but that’s the fun bit, right? I’ll be blogging my progress, the patterns I use and any adaptations I make to them, tutorials to help other sewers create similar items. So, if you’ve wanted to tackle Jeans for a while join me next month for a series of tutorials, pattern adjustment notes, stitching advice and more… or if you too are fed up with buying ill fitting coats in colours you don’t enjoy pop along later in the year to sew along with me and make your own!!

January will be T-Shirts, February Jeans and March Dresses… this doesn’t means I’ll be making 100s of garments a month, just one or two. But crucially what I WILL be doing is adjusting patterns, toiling and creating a pattern that fits so I can use it again and again so that when I want to make another dress or a 2nd pair of Jeans I know I can just shop for fabric and sew, sew sew!

Sound useful? Who’s with me?

x Laura x

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  1. janine marriott

    I’m in. My list is:
    Black trench coat
    Summer trousers x 2
    Smart high wasted 20’s style trousers x 2
    Bras and Pants x3 from the same pattern
    3 work dresses. Pattern to be decided
    I also have to make a dress for a wedding I’m attending which needs to be spectacular and gothic. I’m thinking this fabric or

    1. Post

      Excellent list!!! I love that black skull damask, swoon! You’re on about one make a month with that which is so do-able… can’t wait to see what pattern you choose for that dress!!

  2. Caitlin

    Oooh, now then. I’m thinking two work shirt and two turtleneck jersey tops. I’m actually not sure what else (if anything!) I need in my wardrobe but I could do with reducing stash a bit… Watch this space!

  3. Serena

    This is really inspiring . I’m not sure I’m at the definitive wardrobe stage in my plans but I do have some thoughts
    I want to make and interesting raincoat, there was an up down pattern shared on the club page which I like some of but not all.
    I want to finish my existing projects – finish will include deciding to abandon it – one a month would be a good goal.
    I want a body con style dress in the awesome scuba I have
    I want to document my makes more
    I’m off to write a list for my wall.

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