#Stitch2020… new blog, new wardrobe!!


I used to blog about sewing a lot… an awful lot!, however; I also run a very busy Costume Making business (Midnight Costume Services) and as we expanded I lost sight of my personal sewing and writing about lovely sewing projects got lost along the way. I have been trying so hard to still sneak a teensy bit of my own sewing in amongst the literal 1000s of Costumes we make each year but I have noticed that in my small amount of allotted time I often don’t succeed in creating either clothing I like, want to wear or even finish!

This has sadly led to a reluctance to ‘waste the time’ on creating for myself which I recently realised was making me very sad… not least because I have been sewing since I was 4, making my own clothes since I was 14 and it’s a huge part of my life. I had been trying to keep my sewing ‘work’ and not sew in my free time but watching people pop along to my weekly Sewing Club and my occasional Classes and create wonderful clothing for themselves whilst I hadn’t sewn a stitch for myself in over 2 years was very hard!

Turns out when you make your hobby a successful business there can be repercussions!

So, dear readers, enough is enough and I have pulled myself up, dusted off my imagination and given myself a stern talking to (you know the one, it sounds like your Mum!) and decided I’m going to start sewing for myself again… what’s so bad about my hobby being the exact thing I also make my money doing anyway?

In deciding to get stuck in again I also came to the realisation that… eep!… I often don’t choose the best patterns, fabrics or colours for myself and historically after making myself a garment I may only wear it a couple times before settling back into more ‘suitable’ clothing.

Pretty miserable, huh?

So I went through my current favourite clothing… then I went through my fabric stash… and I realised I probably needed to think about making a wardrobe, or capsule collection, to make garments to fill the gaps. For instance I’m lacking t-shirts, tops, jeans and really basic garments because I am tall and curvy so I often can’t buy these easily so I used to make them but where I’ve stopped making them I simply haven’t bought them either! I really, really want a pair of fitted/baggy comfortable Jeans guys!!

I think this may also be the solution to my more aimless, unwearable sewing too… if I have a list of items I want or need I’ll pretty much always sew something I like… right?

That’s the plan!

So, I am declaring 2020 the year of the Wardrobe, or #Stitch2020. Because I run a weekly Sewing Club I’m going to come up with a loose schedule of makes over the year to follow the seasons (i.e. Summer makes in Spring, Coat making in the Summer so I’m ready in the autumn with my lovely new coat!), and I’m also going to try to make the year as sustainable as possible with stash busting, recycling, fabric swapping and finding new eco- friendly fabrics and sewing resources where possible.

Watch this space for my #Stitch2020 schedule of makes… Who’s with me?

X Laura x

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