Handy Hand Stitched Closures Guide

I’ve just happened upon this brilliant Hand Stitched Closures Guide from Burda and thought I’d share as this weeks Sewing Bee mentioned Snap/Popper Fastenings amongst others. Many of these should be sewn on using the same stitch used for making the Button Loop. With a little practice they look very neat, don’t they? I am sorely tempted to make up a sampler like this for my classes! I’m finding it very pretty!!

burda fastenings image

Here is a guide to all your basic mini hand stitched closures!

1– Metal push snap: This snap button is manually sewn blind so that it is not visible from the right fabric side. Thanks to the S-spring in the top cap it also holds a lot stress. Available in different sizes and colors.

2– Plastic push snap: It is sewn by hand and is therefore not visible from the right side of the fabric. Great for application on baby clothes or to keep shirt collar tips flat (button-down effect).

3– Jersey push snap: A jersey push snap has five metal prongs that you push through the fabric. It is easy to install, without leaving holes in the fabric. They can handle a light to medium amount of stress, so they are great for cardigans!

4– XL Push snap: The fashionable mega-push snap is sewn by hand and also makes a good garment feature. Comes in gold, brass or silver and not visible from the right side of fabric. Can take more stress, just make sure to use a strong thread as well.

5– The “Non-sew” push button for anorak and sportswear. In order to apply it, small holes are punched into the fabric and riveted metal parts with supplied special tool. An S-spring ensures high permanent closure force. Available in various colors and sizes.

6– Velcro: This closure is popular especially in the sports and leisure sector and can be sewn or glued depending on the type. There in different colors and widths.

7– Hooks and eyes: Popular on corsetry, blouses and waistbands. Available in black, silver and gold in different sizes.

8– Pants and skirt hooks: Flat and invisible from the outside with a secure hold even under heavy stress. The closure is applied at the waist to secure a waistband overlap at the top of a zipper.

9– Fur hook for thick fabrics: Upholstered in fabric, the hooks can easily grab and be sewn. Like all the hooks it is sewn by hand and available in several neutral colors.

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Happy stitching!

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