Notions: Clipping Corners

clipping corners 2

Inside corners, as seen in yesterdays Scallop Hem Tutorial, are important to clip. It can be a little scary to clip right up to the stitching- and many a time I have snipped straight through!- but it is essential if you would like the corner to turn out beautifully.

Snipping, or clipping, the inside corner relaxes the fabric so it is able to turn out the other way around:

scallop hem 8 scallop hem 9

Above left: without clipping. Above right: with clipping. 

As seen above, there is a little trick you can do to try to make sure the stitching isn’t snipped too- simply place a pin at the apex of the point. I always try to snip slowly and gradually at well, using small, sharp scissors. 

This isn’t a technique that is used often, but it is an excellent trick to know!

Happy stitching!

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