Notions: Top Stitching


Top Stitching- sometimes know as Edge Stitching- is as simple as it sounds however; there are a couple things you can do to make it a little easier and more professional looking.

The first is to attach your Zipper Foot. This will allow you to see a lot more of what you are stitching and, as you can see from the above picture, sew incredibly close to the edge.

The second tip is to try to line the edge of the Zipper Foot up with the edge of the fabric, which will act as a line to follow and keep you super straight!

The third thing to help your Sewing Machine accomplish this is to ‘help’ it sew over any seams, darts or other joins in the fabric. Because Top Stitching is on the edge of the fabric, there is normally at least four layers of fabric. Encountering seams on top of this extra bulk can sometimes cause the Sewing Machine to become stuck. Pre-empting this by stopping as you come to the seam, and rolling the Balance Wheel towards you to take stitches by hand until you are past the seam really helps stay neat, and keep even stitches.

Once accomplished, contrast stitching is a lovely detail and all of these tips are great for use on Under Stitching, Bias Binding and more!

Happy stitching!

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