An (almost completely) Hand Made Christmas

This Christmas I decided to make as many of my gifts as I could! I have to say I am really rather pleased with myself however; I only remembered to take pictures of a couple… boo!

Making Christmas presents requires quite a lot of planning, organization and lists… lots of lists! I  started with many plans which slowly got whittled down to just a few. I have found that it is really important to have a little think to decide if what you want to make will be truly liked and appreciated by the person you are making it for. There is nothing more upsetting than a Hand Made gift going unappreciated and this more often than not happens when you have created something the receiver may not want or like. Because of this I choose fabric very carefully, and think about the persons lifestyle… which meant that this year I made Hand Warmers, Bath Tub Tea Bags, very pretty Scallop Bunting, Baby Kerchief Bibs and Pyjamas.

I also had some Festive Bunnies left over from my Market Stalls which I tucked in as little extra gifts.


hm2 hm5

Having access to Photoshop really helps sometimes, I just love the labels I made up for the Bath Tub Tea Bags and Hand Warmers. and how cute do the finished Gift Bags look? I made the Hand Warmers for some friends who live in a barn with only a Wood Burner for heat. Because they are made from Man Made Fleece they can be popped on top of the Wood Burner to warm up, I was so proud of myself when I found out that snippet of information!

I made the Bath Tub Tea Bags using Thyme Bath Salts, Lavender, Organic Blue Poppy Seeds and Green Tea for a relaxing de-stress soak.


I was very lucky to find some of the fabrics I used for the scallop Bunting in my stash, but I bought more to make sure each set would look as pretty as possible. I just love the added in Ric-Rac and Lace Edging I sewed on the Bias Binding which I think really added a lovely touch.

My very last commission of the year was personalized Stockings, and I am amazed with how wonderfully they turned out. I printed the letters out, then cut out and used them as a pattern to cut Green Felt out which I then Stab Stitched on to the Red Velvet Stocking.




 I heartily encourage Hand Made presents of all kinds, and I found all of the ideas for my Gifts on-line with very simple searches. There are a host of Free Patterns and ideas (I’ve pinned a few to my Christmas Pinterest Board), which is where I found the Kerchief Bibs and Baby Pyjama Patterns which were, I think, the cutest gift this Christmas! 

I made three sets of Pyjamas, two sets of Ladies Pyjamas and one set Mens. The Ladies Pyjamas turned out beautifully, trimmed with Broderie Anglaise on the matching patch pockets and hem. For the Mens set I added hidden side pockets and a button fly and they looked damn smart if I say so myself! It was with the excess Mens Pyjama fabric that I made matching Baby Pyjamas for a little joke!

After all this I fear however; that I will never have a completely Hand Made Christmas as I always spy some little goody I simply have to buy for someone, or add in a little chocolatey treat! But all in all I was very happy with my efforts!

Oh, and I whipped up this awesome, cool and down right fricking sweet Star Wars cushion for Fella…

star wars cushion

Happy stitching!

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