Christmas Pyjamas!!

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Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous, hand made pair of Pyjamas this Christmas? I know I shall be whipping up a few pairs to give as gifts, so I thought I’d share how to make up Pyjamas, without having to buy a Pattern!

I have sorted out the following, super simple printables for you all to follow, which illustrate how to make up your own pattern (from just two simple measurements!), how to cut them out and then full instructions at the bottom to sew the Pyjamas up… all you really need to worry about is which fabric you’re going to choose first!!

Click on the images to enlarge, and print.

Pyjama Pattern Page 1

Pyjama Pattern Page 2

Pyjama Instruction Sheet

Wasn’t so difficult was it?! I like to simply buy nice, plain t-shirts and tank tops to match the fabrics I have chosen to serve as Pyjama tops, which can be great fun if you are making for someone else!!

For all my old school followers the conversion of inches to centimeters is 1″:2.5cm, but there is a handy conversion calculator here.

When choosing fabric for your Pyjamas, remember that they should be soft and lovely so fabrics like Cotton Flannel, Brushed Cotton and Wyncette are perfect, as are printed cottons. Anything silkier or satin-y can prove a little to static inducing for my liking, and fleece a little heavy and hot. Why not have a trawl through the wonderful world of Spoonflower for something truly unique… or even design your own?!

Remember that it’s Christmas Month until 7th December here on Laura After Midnight, feel free to share your Christmas makes and tutorials too!!

Happy stitching!

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  1. I’m trying out this project. I had a question about the hip measurement. I took my hip measurement (103.5cm) and added 20 (123.5cm) then divided by 4 to get my final hip measurement (approximately 31cm). Now I am assuming I measure out 31cm across the top of the paper but in the diagram it says ‘Hip Measurement divided by 4 plus 5cm’. Am I supposed to add an extra 5cm to my final hip measurement?


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