Doe Eyed Deer Christmas Decoration

Now, I’m not going to lie to you! I completely copied this idea from the new Cath Kidston Catalog!! However; I think these are cuter, and much cheaper!!

light12 patterndoe

You will need:

Felt in a Deer Colour (I chose Red, but you could use a Pale Brown, Pink or something wild!)

White Felt



Needle, Thread, Pins and Scissors

Using the above Pattern- which when clicked upon should print out at the right size, if I have this new fangled computer business  sorted out!- pin it on to the Felt you wish to use for the Body of the Deer and cut around twice.

doe1 doe2 doe4

Using the Pattern again, choose some of the Circles and Pin the Cut them out of the White Felt. Of course I heartily condone drawing your own Circles to suit… or you could do Hearts , or Stars!!

Then, using a Running Stitch (which is explained on the Vintage Christmas Tree Lights Tutorial here), stitch the Decoration on to the Deers bum! I decorated the Front and the Back because I like it when decorations spin on the Christmas Tree and they look the same on the front as they do on the back.

doe5 doe6

Once you are happy with the Decoration and have added everything a Deers Bum could desire (Beads, Sequins etc), Blanket Stitch the two sides together as illustrated. Visit the Pretty Jewel Bird Tutorial here to see an example of Blanket Stitch.

Start Blanket Stitching at the left hand Small Circle on the Pattern, then stop at the right hand Small Circle, leaving the tummy open. Stuff the body, using a pencil to poke Stuffing into both legs, the head and tail. When you are happy your Deer looks chubby and delightful, finish Blanket Stitching the tummy closed.

Tie a jolly Ribbon about the Doe Eyed Deers neck, and a Button on as an Eye- which I haven’t done yet because I didn’t like any I had!- and thread a piece of Embroidery Thread through where the Triangle indicates on the Pattern and tie in a loop to hang.


Voilà! How lovely is he?! I love that I’ve made him quite large, you can really see the decoration and make a lovely large bow.

If you make some, do share a picture! I’d love to see them and see what colours everyone chooses to make them from! Remember to visit regularly (or follow Laura After Midnight on Bloglovin‘!), for lots more Christmassy tutorials!

If you fancy something scrummy to snack upon with a cuppa as you stitch visit my first Tuesday Treats!

Happy stitching!

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