Notions: Handy Guide to Decorative Stitching

Look at this wonderful thing that I just stumbled upon!



I thought many of us would find this interesting and useful, I love the way Vintage Sewing Books use plain ol’ stitches to build up patterns, You just don’t see this very much nowadays!

Might have to try that Parallel Feather Stitch quite soon… and how beautiful would all of these look on the Pretty Jewel Birds, as a hand stitched trim on a Stocking or on a dainty scrap of Lingerie? So many uses, so little time!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Tasha Miller Griffith

    Yes lots of ideas here! I like that picot buttonhole stitch, and the way that the different effects you can get with long or short stitches are illustrated. Did you say what book this was from? I could have missed it. Is it full of similar little jewels?

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