How to make Pretty Jewel Birds

christmas month buttonWelcome to the very first make of Christmas Month!! Make these pretty little felt Birds in different jewel colours. They look so lovely about the house, on the tree or as a little gift in a stocking…

You will need:

Felt in Different Colours

Embroidery Threads in Different Colours


Scissors, Pins and Needles

20131103_235528-1Pattern for the Pretty Jewel Bird, with suggested Flower and Leaf decorations with suggested Stitching Lines. Click to enlarge and Print. Re-Size by hand, or at a Copy Shop if you would like to make a larger or smaller decoration. 

bird 1 bird 2

Using the Pattern, for each Bird you want to make, cut two Felt bodies and two Felt Wings. Starting where illustrated, Stitch the two Bodies together using Blanket Stitch. Leave a portion open as illustrated so you can stuff the Body easily.

Blanket Stitch, click to see source. 

bird 3 bird 4 bird5

Stuff the Body of the Bird, using a Pencil to push the Stuffing in to the Head and Tail, then continue to Blanket Stitch the Body closed.

Cut Flowers and Leaves out of Felt indifferent colours, and place on the Body. You may need to cut the Flowers and Leaves a little smaller, or you could cut several! Position as you like…

bird6 bird5

Use Back Stitch to Stitch the Flowers and Leaves on, and Chain Stitch to decorate too if you’re feeling fancy! Use different thread colours- it’s Christmas so the more colours the merrier after all!- until you are happy with the effect.

When you have finished Appliquéing Flowers and Leaves to the Body move on the the Wing. The Wing is not stuffed, so first pin the two layers together, then Stitch around using Blanket Stitch to finish. Two layers of Felt ensure the Wing holds its shape.

Decorate the Wing as before, I think a contrast to the Body looks lovely but you could also make the Wing out of a different colour too!


Chain and Back Stitch, click to see source. 

When you are happy with the decoration, sew the Wing to the Body and add a loop of thread to hang the Pretty Jewel Bird by. I have made several now, but these are by far my favourite! I am very much looking forward to hanging them on the Christmas Tree but I may also use them to add a pretty extra to Presents as well!

bird7 pink bird

Don’t forget to share pictures if you make some of these pretty little things. You can share here or on Facebook!!

Look out for more Tutorials this week on Laura After Midnight, including printing your own Christmas Cards… if the supplies arrive!! Tomorrow I shall be talking about one of my favourite recipes for Christmas, don’t forget I have some great little Sewing Kit Stocking Fillers on my Etsy shop and Christmas Month runs until the end of November!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Liz

    These are really pretty, I think the white felt background is very stylish. A friend has made several and suspended them one above the other with ribbon. She’s also done something similar with hearts. There’s no end to the possibilities! Looking forward to the rest of your makes.

    1. Post
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