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So, what have I been up to over the last week, and what have I been stitching?!

Well, it’s been a little busy to say the least! Not only have I been teaching Lingerie sewing techniques to a very lovely student, I have also been refining my own Bra Making skills! I have been somewhat thwarted however; as getting hold of the bits and pieces of hardware and many, many pieces of different elastic needed has proven slightly tricky. I am currently building an extensive order with Sewing Chest, who seem to have just about everything and deliver super quick! So I shall return to that little side project in a couple of weeks.

I have also been organizing my Market Stall events I am going to be at, and of course working on my Pop Up Shop- which is taking shape nicely, and I promise you’ll be able to book soon for it!

All in all this means I have had very little time to sew for myself in the past week, but I have made this adorable Nook Holder from Quilted Cotton… …

20131028_215513-1 20131028_215529 20131028_215520


My lovely Fella surprised me a couple days ago with my very own Nook!! I have called her Anouk (of course!) and immediately hunted through my stash to make her a safe carry pouch- they don’t come with one which I think is a real oversight. I found this lovely Bluey/Purple Lace Print Cotton, which I have quilted quite closely on the Sewing Machine, and then lined with a scrap of matching Blue Linen. A few Pale Pink Buttons and in under an hour I was finished and Anouk was cosy and safe!

I love the design I have come up with for this, and my Sewing Tidys, as it looks like a Fabric Envelope! I’ll be posting a Tutorial with Free Pattern during Christmas Month, so watch out to make a great Christmas Present for anyone you know who has a Kindle, Nook or Tablet.

I also cut out and sewed up my 200th ‘Bunt’!!


I think I deserve some sort of a reward, but it was all my own doing! I am going to be selling some deliciously Christmassy Bunting on my Market Stall this year but dang, does it take some cutting and sewing! I’m quite exhausted, tee hee! I am also feeling quite Christmassy, which I must squish down otherwise I shall get Christmassed out by December!

I have a great week ahead, full of Poster and Pattern Designing, with a little bit of Photoshop and Sewing thrown in for good measure. What fun!

Happy stitching!

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