Notions: Pattern Weights

… … … and introducing Christmas Month!!

Yes, crazy and certifiably insane though this makes me I am declaring November to be Christmas Month!!

There will be tutorials covering Christmas Decorations and Gift Makes with a couple extra special makes for the Girls… … and the Boys! I’ll also be sharing some of my favourite scrumptious recipes and with some more Interviews and Give Aways’ I reckon it’ll be quite the month, all told!


To kick us off, here is a lovely little make for any Seamstress’ you know, or for yourself! It uses up scraps beautifully, and Pattern Weights are super useful when you’re flat Pattern Cutting delicate fabrics, laying out Pattern Pieces to figure out layouts or when simply cutting out. They’re also the super cool eco friendly pin!

So, first gather all those lovingly hoarded scraps of fabric that I know you all have in a corner some place! Next, you will need to draw an equilateral triangle with sides 5″ or 12.5cm long.  You need one triangle of fabric per Pattern Weight, I made mine to match however; I strongly advocate making each different… much better!

Once you have chosen your fabric, pin the Pattern to your fabric. Then fold one side of the triangle over, Right Sides Together, and pin. Sew from the fold along the edge using a 1cm Seam Allowance. Stop 1cm from the edge. Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of the Seam.

weight2    weight3

Fold the next side over, Right Sides Together and matching the tip, and sew from where the last Seam ended (1cm in), to the fold. Finally, fold the last side over but only sew half of the side closed as illustrated, as you will need a place to turn the Pattern Weight out, and insert the weights. It is helpful to sew a little of this side closed so there is less hand sewing to do, and the finished thing looks neater.

weight4   weight5   weight6

Turn the Pattern Weights out the right way, using a point turner to wiggle out the corners nice and sharp. Fill with Rice and a curtain weight, then stitch closed.

weight7   weight8   weight9

Now, tell me you don’t want to make lots and lots! I am going to have some on my Market Stalls, so lucky peeps in Bristol may pick up some pre-made if feeling lazy!

Now, I have some more incredibly, exciting, delicious and wonderful news to share! At the end of Christmas Month, the 14th of December to be precise, I shall be hosting the Laura After Midnight Pop Up Christmas Emporium!!!

I’m so super excited, you’ll be able to book your spot soon and  all of the things featured in Christmas Month will be available to make on the day, with drop in sessions to stitch a creation, bookable sessions to decorate Stockings, Gift Bags and Decorations as well as limited spaces to stitch gifts such as Pot Pinchers, Ties and Bow Ties, Party Hats  and more!

There will also be the chance to grab some hand made, indy gifts with a Mini Market stuffed full of local designers, along with a cuppa and I’m sure a Christmassy nibble too! The Venue is Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft, and it will be a great chance to support this not-for-profit co-op owned and operated by it’s workers. As they strive to create an inspiring community space for people like me I thought it was the best venue… and they’re food is delicious!! You will also be supporting this very thankful Artist, as well as others, as I am working towards taking the next step in my business to find a permanent studio/workshop for Laura After Midnight to work from.

Phew, it’s all go here at Midnight Heights… …

Happy stitching!

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