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Welcome one, welcome all to another Pattern Making Musings. This week we are staying this side of the pond and playing host to Hannah of Sinbad & Sailor, who is a Londoner!

I am still completely floored by the positive response from all of the Pattern companies who have so generously given up a few moments of their time to take part in Pattern Month, and Hannah is no exception, having generously offered a Sinbad & Sailor Pattern free to one lucky reader!

I am rather in awe of what Sinbad & Sailor are attempting to do, and I thoroughly approve of it too. The story starts a couple of years ago with Hannah searching for a Jumpsuit Pattern. She had spotted what she wanted to recreate however; as so many of us are no doubt completely familiar with, the Pattern she found wasn’t quite what she had envisioned!

Understandably, Hannah was a little miffed by this, but it was this very search which lead to her inspiration.. ‘If I wanted fashionable, seasonal Patterns perhaps other people might want them too!’.

What followed was a lot of research but again, Hannah took this opportunity to think about all the other issues she- and I know myself and others- have had with Commercial Patterns like poor instructions, unclear diagrams and dated styles and together with a Pattern Cutter Sinbad & Sailor have worked hard to create something different.

Now, I love a pretty Vintage inspired dress as much as the next gal however; Sinbad and Sailor understand that many a home sewer would quite like to sew up something which reflects current trends and looks that can be seen on the Catwalks and in Magazines. Amazing, right?


The Pattern collections are released as the major Fashion collections are- Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter- and Hannah works hard to take inspiration from the current season collections so Sinbad & Sailor Patterns are always fresh looking, and most importantly fashion forward! They have a lot of plans for future collections and are about to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, so it was great to hear a little about how Hannah works and Pattern Cuts. I think you’ll find what she has to say very interesting, and I am pleased to have a couple Blogs recommended which I haven’t heard of before.

Enjoy, and look out for the give away at the end!

ssThe Dove Fitted T, available now from Sinbad & Sailor here

Do you have any books, Blogs or Websites you would recommend to beginners and experienced Pattern Cutters alike?

As I research and design the S&S patterns I look to the catwalk which showcases some of the most talented Pattern Cutters and Designers. For detail close-ups I head straight to the Runway section on Style Bistro which has dedicated close-up galleries for each show allowing you to see details which are lost in the full length shots. I prepare to be ‘lost’ for quite a few hours on this site! Following on from Style Bistro I find The Cutting Class blog to be an excellent and thorough dissection of the pattern cutting involved in trends and styles from the catwalk. They have also published a book – How Patterns Work which begins at the very basics and then builds up, I think it would be a great introduction to pattern cutting.

What has been the best piece of Pattern Cutting advice you have come across, or was given to you?

When it comes to patterns slow and steady definitely wins the race, always “measure twice, cut once” and remember if you are tweaking your patterns note the changes on them – nothing is worse than having to cross check over and over again because you can’t remember whether the changes were applied or not!

Magpie dress sewing pattern 5

The Magpie Dress by Sinbad & Sailor, available here.

Is there an item of equipment you would highly recommend, or can’t do without?

I’m a big fan of tools and equipment so this is a tough call, when you make patterns one thing you don’t want to be is inaccurate so a Pattern Master  would be my can’t live without tool. If you’re feeling flash get a notcher too – improvising these is nigh on impossible and it will make your patterns looks really slick.


What pattern that you have made, or which details you have designed, makes you most proud?

When I designed the first collection of patterns I wanted them to be beginner friendly yet not compromising style, for me the Dove Fitted T split back detail exemplified what I was trying to do perfectly. The split back allows the  top to be slipped over the head thus negating any fastenings and most importantly it creates an interesting feature. It can’t just be me who feels this way – I’ve seen so many wonderful versions of the Dove Fitted T popping up recently which has been such a great and inspiring feeling!

n shorts and Dove top sewing patterns 4

The Raven Shorts and Dove Fitted T by Sinbad & Sailor, available here.

Are there any other independent Pattern Companies you love at the moment? Which of their Patterns has you excited so start stitching one up?

I love to support other indie companies – Grainline pops into my head straight away – Jen’s patterns are real classic designs and I’ve been long planning a version of the Archer Shirt. First up though I’m waiting on the postman to deliver my By Hand London Victoria Blazer pattern I’ve not tried their patterns before and a blazer will be great for autumn.

Don’t you just love the Sinbad & Sailor photo shoots? They’re super cool, and I think I need that metallic silver fabric in my life! If you haven’t discovered either Grainline Studio or By Hand London yet, do hop on over to their Blogs as they have some lovely Patterns. I think it was very interesting to hear from a fellow Brit this week, and especially so as the Patternmaster has been mentioned! It must be something to do with how we are trained here in England, but we all do love our Patternmasters’!

As I said, Hannah from Sinbad & Sailor is very kindly offering a Sinbad & Sailor Pattern of your choice to our lucky winner this week. As usual, just leave a comment below to have your name entered in to the hat to win. Join in the discussion, answer a question I have posed to Hannah yourself or simply share Pattern Making advice or quandaries with us… the more the merrier!

If you have just stumbled upon Pattern Month feel free to catch up through various posts from making the Basic Blocks, Toile and tips like Marking your Patterns to previous Pattern making Musings with Colette and IN-HOUSE Patterns. It’s great to have you with us!

Happy patterning!

12 thoughts on “Pattern Making Musings: Sinbad & Sailor

  1. I’ve yet to try any of Sinbad and Sailor’s patterns, but I really like the look of the dove and the magpie. I’ve tried grainline studio’s scout tee, but I tend to like things a bit more fitted, so the dove looks great!

  2. Oh fabulous! I’ve seen Hanna’s patterns but have not tried any of them yet I’d love a chance to win one. I love the bubbles in her photoshoots. One tool I like is the French curve or hip curve. Even of I’m just tracing a pattern it helps keep everything steady if I get twitchy.

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