A Midnight Elf!

A while ago I got a mad dash commission from my great friend David over at Enchanted Elements Photography. I had worked with him before on a feature film a few years ago so he knew my work, and he wanted me to make an Elvin Waistcoat… and to borrow a couple items he knew I had stashed away!!

So, I stitched through the night and came up with this! I think it’s gorgeous, especially the Trapunto work on the front panels. David was thrilled and I really think the shoot- featured in this months Fae Magazine– is a triumph all round!


mag2 mag3

I’m really excited for my work to get this kind of exposure, and it looks like there’s more to follow!! Get your very own copy of Fae Magazine here.

In other news, I am currently on a train travelling down to the mystical lands of Cornwall for a much longed for and deserved weekend away!

Happy stitching!

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