Pattern Month!!

Welcome to Pattern Month!

Pattern Month is a great way to start your pattern making journey… I will blog tutorials, advice and information, reviews of and interviews with independent Pattern Companies such as Grainline Studio, By Hand London and In House Patterns to name but a few and many other Pattern Cutting related posts.

Each week there is a tutorial (or Class) as follows:

This wek includes taking accurate measurements in Measuring For The Perfect Fit, notes and guidance on the drafting of the Basic Block, Skirt Block and Sleeve Block. Other posts in this week will include a resources guide and notes on Marking Your Handmade Patterns. There is also an interview in the weekly Pattern Making Musings

Week 2 will introduce the Toile, adding Seam Allowance, relocating Darts and sewing up in preparation for fitting. There’s a short but thoroughly interesting Snippets From Pattern History,  and a fantastic Pattern Making Musings with Sarai of Colette Patterns!

Kicking of the third week is a post all about Fitting your Toile, with resources pulled from Vintage Sewing books and various other wonderful websites and blogs. Fitting the Toile also has a great little video tutorial on fitting. There will also be a very useful guide to Scaling Up Vintage Patterns, and using PDF Patterns, a fantastic Video from Dior which displays the amazing things one can accomplish when designing, a cheeky little re-blog from Etsy all about Patterning and Making your own Leggings, and a Pattern Making Musings from Hannah of Sinbad & Sailor.

  • WEEK 4: Making Working Patterns

Finishing off a fantastic Pattern Month, this week starts with a post all about Making Working Patterns. With advice on how to break the design down by making a Technical Illustration, and a visual guide to the many pieces needed to create a design. Other posts a post which talks about Pattern Books, and why having one is super important, an Order of Sewing from my Vintage McCall’s Sewing in Colour which is just superb and the last Pattern Making Musings from Maddie of Madalynne.

As reference I shall be using the wonderful Metric Pattern Cutting by Winifred Aldrich. If you seriously want to start drafting your own patterns, I would highly recommend this book. I would also recommend furnishing yourself with some Pattern Paper (I prefer plain however; the more prevalent is Dot and Cross), and a Pattern Master. Sharp pencils, a selection of colourful felt tip pens and a calculator would also be useful.

These articles will be built on in time, as I release more sewing patterns, but I hope this will start many of you on your patterning journey!

x Laura x

33 thoughts on “Pattern Month!!

    1. I know! I’m so excited and I’m running it lol!! I’ve had indy pattern companies emailing me with treats for give aways and interviews all day so I think it’s going to be quite a ride… I’m so glad you’re joining us!! xxx

  1. Awesome idea, and I will be following online….. I couldn’t make the Flo-jo course, so this is perfect!!! Squeeeeeeeee 😀

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I made a pledge to not start any more projects this month; but this is too tempting. I hope you will find the time to discuss how to alter the armhole for different garments -sleeveless, sleeve, cardigan/vest, jacket, winter coat.

    1. I will be discussing alterations and fit later this week… I’m hoping to take some photos as well as use the pictures I have from my collection of Vintage Sewing Books so hopefully I’ll be able to cover most issues! Thank you so much for joining in, I’d love to see how you are getting on! x

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