Notions: Good Ironing

I can quite literally hear the conniption my Mother is having as I type these words however; good ironing skills are essential when dressmaking. Especially if you desire a professional finish to your garments.

A good, sturdy ironing board- set at the right height- is the first thing needed, second is a good iron. I have discovered that this does not mean the most expensive. I like heavy irons with strong jets of steam however; I have a dribbly iron at the moment… oh the horror!! Silk is marked before it is even stitched and ironing every commission takes on a fraught, stressful air as I wonder if my iron can be trusted! So, I have decided to disable the steam jet and simply use the heat settings. My iron gets very, very hot which I love and I discovered this handy little tip simply by accident.

spray iron tip

A mister spray! Bought as a prop for the film I Produced a couple months back, this is one handy thing in the workshop! I was using it to mist my face in the heatwave, and had the stroke of genius to start using it on the impossibly creased silk I was ironing. It’s brilliant because you can regulate the amount, and it’s so fine it doesn’t mark. Brilliant.

Happy stitching!

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