Notions: Bind a Corset

corset 2 corset 1 corset 3

When sewing bias binding to the top or bottom of a corset, match all seams & pin together as you would like them to be sewn.

Zigzag close to the edge (so that when the binding is applied you do not see it) across the top. This will keep all of the pieces nicely together & make the job of attaching the bias binding far easier.

With right sides together, stitch the binding along the edge of the corset. Stitch ‘in the ditch’ of the ironed fold of the binding. Remember to reverse stitch a little at the beginning & end to secure. Cut away any excess fabric to that the edge of the corset matches the edge of the binding- the the fabric is taller the binding will not lie neatly.

Cut the ends of the binding approx. 2cm long, fold in neatly then fold the rest of the binding over along the edge. Pin then slip stitch closed by hand.

Happy Stitching!

Please click on the images for the originals.

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