Swedish Pattern Paper

pattern paper 1    pattern paper 2    pattern paper 3

Part pattern paper, part Toile, I am left a little unsure about this!

I have used various different versions of sew-able pattern paper in the past & I normally decide just to make a Toile up! This, I am sure, is because when I am making a pattern it can become very messy!! I adapt & change on the same Working Pattern until I am happy, then trace this off for my Final Pattern, which can mean three or four different versions on the same pattern, on the same pattern paper (I take great delight in using as many different coloured pens as possible!), before I finalize things. Which can mean that my sew-able pattern paper can become ripped as the fibres absorb the ink.

Having said all of that, if you are having to work quickly, as they were asked to on The Great British Sewing Bee, & as I often have to do when making costumes, this stuff is invaluable if you need to check measurements & fit before making a garment up.

As you can see you are able to see straight through it, to trace Commercial Patterns off if needed, you can pin in to it & of course sew it. It’s only a few pounds per meter so well worth a try out if you are thinking about starting to make your own patterns!

Click here to buy through Ebay.

Happy stitching!

All photographs are from Ebay.

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