Notions: Final Touches for the Simple Skirt

Only a few steps left before the Simple A-Line Skirt is complete! Thank you for staying with me this far…

Having cut your Pattern here, started to stitch up & insert the Zip here, & starting to finish the Skirt here; you will undoubtedly be eager to add your buttons & hem so as to proudly show off your wonderful new Skirt to all!

Firstly, Buttons need to be chosen, then Button Holes need to be marked & made. As you can see, I have chosen to have two Buttons, I thought it looked best & I happened to have a couple Vintage Linen covered Buttons which suited the job.


Measure the chosen Button, & add .5cm for ease to calculate the measurement of the Button Hole. For mine, I stitched 2cm Button Holes

Place the left hand side of the Waistband over the longer, right hand side of the Waistband. this longer edge is now the Button Stand & will support the Buttons. If using more than one Button, place them on the Waistband to decide where they will look best, & where the Button Holes should be placed. Mark where the Button Holes will start- evenly spaced is best, 1cm from the edge- & end (Button measurement + .5cm for ease).

36 37 40

The Button Stand should lie directly under the shorter Waistband edge, which should run in line with the Zipper as illustrated above left. Above, centre illustrates laying the Buttons out to arrange where they should be placed. Above, right illustrates the proper marking of a Button Hole with a line across & a line at each end showing where to stop stitching. 

Once the Button Holes are marked, the Button Hole Foot will need to be attached to the Sewing Machine. Without it Button Holes are worked by hand (which I shall cover in another post), or Hooks & Eyes are used.

41 42

With the Button Hole Foot attached, follow the Sewing Machines instructions to stitch the Button Hole. Mine starts at the bottom, then stitches the left hand side backwards, goes across the top, then back towards me to finish the right. A few practices should be made so that, when the final Button Holes are attempted, they are as neat as possible. The markings on any Button Hole Foot can also be used, as well as the markings drawn on the fabric, to ensure the Button Hole is stitched to the correct length. 

Cut the Button Hole open- carefully!- with Snips, Small Scissors or a Quick Unpick. It will fray a little however; with use this will stop. Match up the Waistband at the top again, and pin together. Use a pencil to mark the right hand side of the Button Hole through to the bottom layer, un-pin & place pins over the markings to make sure they aren’t lost. Sew the Buttons on over the markings, a tutorial for this can be found here.

43  44  45

Illustrated above is the proper marking of the Buttons, highlighting the markings & the finished Buttons & Button Holes. 

The only thing left to do is Hem the Skirt, & I am afraid I am one of those dreadful bores of a teacher who insists this is done by hand! It just looks simply beautiful, & gives a truly professional finish.

Firstly, you may need to trim the Hem slightly to make it eve all the way around.

46 47

Line up & trim off any excess fabric by eye. 

Secondly, turn up and pin the hem 1cm. Iron. Then turn up & pin the hem 2cm. Iron again, then set to Herringbone Stitching!

48 49 50

Measuring & pinning the Hem up 1cm, then ironing. 

51 53

Measuring & pinning the Hem up a further 2cm, then ironing. There will be slight puckers which need to be ironed plat as small pleats, to be Hand Sewn down. This will help the fabric manage the curve, whilst remaining flat in front. 

With the Hem still pinned, & nicely ironed!, start Herringbone Stitching it down. Herringbone Stitch is a wonderful Stitch to use, as it incorporates a back stitch which means if the thread is broken in the future the Hem doesn’t completely & immediately fall down. Click here for a tutorial.

Once finish you are completely entitled to jump, dance, shout & whoop because you are finished!



Detail of the Herringbone Stitch, & the completed Hem!

You’ll notice that I haven’t, as I had intended, added in the Velvet Trim & pockets. This is because I suddenly didn’t like the idea of the pockets- the skirt should really be cut a lot fuller for pockets so there is room to move it. I shall tackle them in a further post, as I definitely do want a skirt with pockets! As for the trim, it was simply disappearing on this fabric so I shall have to think about what I can use it on in the future…

Thank you so much for joining me in making a lovely A-Line Skirt, they are a wonderful Sunday afternoon make & get easier with a little practice. I love making a couple for the Summer from wild & wonderful Cotton prints…

Happy stitching!

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this. I would like to see how this kind of skirt falls after it’s all made up, since it must be different from a circle-skirt!

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