Recycled Thread

Just spotted this in one of my local Haberdashery spots, Creativity in Bristol. How cool?

gutterman 2

The “Sew-all Thread 100 m rPET” is the new sewing thread from Gütermann Creativ made of 100 % recycled polyester. It currently retails in a fairly basic range of colours however; the Gutterman website says the advantages (as well as being recycled, and made in Germany…tee hee) are, there are no flying fibres when sewing, there are no thicker or thinner areas on the threads- something you notice a lot when using cheap threads & something which my Pfaff really hates!, it also doesn’t twist, tear or rip but is soft & supple. Last but not least it can be used on all types of fabric, & it’s colour fast.

I have long used Gutterman threads, & they are in my humble opinion far superior than other brands- good for hand & machine sewing alike. My Pfaff definitely likes Gutermann as much as I do…

I am just thrilled something like this is available on the market which is easily accessible, relatively cheap from a massive retailer like this. Having just stocked up on threads I didn’t need any this trip but I shall definitely pick some up next time & let you all know how it fares!

Happy (green) stitching!

2 thoughts on “Recycled Thread

  1. What a fantastic innovation, it is amazing what can be achieved if we all recycled a bit more. Just think of all those recycled plastic bottles that are now going to be these amazing creations.

  2. It’s brilliant isn’t it? Now I can stitch my Up-Cycled Fabrics, on my Vintage find of a Sewing Machine with Recycled Thread! It almost makes me want to send my plastic bottles straight to Gutterman to ensure more thread is made 🙂

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