Balenciaga in ’06.

There are some catwalk shows which I don’t think I shall ever forget, & this is one of them. I have never quite had the same experience (except maybe when viewing Galliano’s perfect Calico toiles’!) when viewing such beauty from a single colour.

I rediscovered this stunning tailored jacket, which was inspired by lingerie lines, when looking for Wordless Wednesday images & simply had to share! Having studied both Fashion & Costume Design I have become familiar with most designers throughout the decades however; each only has a few truly iconic, breathtaking, Couture moments and this is one of Balenciagas.

balenciaga 2

The day after this ’06 Catwalk Show this image was everywhere, and for the few months after it still haunted the pages of most fashion magazines. You can almost breathe in the hundreds of stitching hours this must have taken!

I think you’ll agree that this is work every designer aspires to, & if you like this then I have a superb treat in store for you in a future Wordless Wednesday.

Happy stitching!

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