Notions: 7 Steps to Perfect Darts

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Darts – a Reverse Approach tutorial from Burda

This week the lovely ladies on my Beginners Dressmaking course at Flo-Jo Boutique seemed to all be tackling darts, so with a little help from Burda I though I’d talk a little about them.

…”darts play an important role in creating curves & shaping a garments silhouette. And, when executed well help create a professional look in clothing. In contrast, poorly executed darts can make a garment look “homemade.”

Darts can be a little bit of a tricky mind bender! I find that successful, neat darts are all in the planning however; if you have marked out the tip & bottom positions of the darts you should have no issue when you come to sew them up.

Click on the above picture for the clear tutorial from Burda to take you through all the steps in obtaining beautifully executed darts.  You will notice they start at the tip, & this is important. Keep the machine threads long- about 15cm- put the machine foot down, roll the needle in to the fabric & sew to the bottom end of the dart. Reverse stitch at the bottom end to finish. When you have finished sewing clip your bottom threads nice & close to the fabric, then hand tie your top threads to finish.

As Burda say, there are a couple techniques like this that really will separate your sewing projects apart from the handmade look, & are well worth perfecting. I would caution you in your marking however; I try to mark with Tailors Tacks, Tailors Chalk or pins rather than pens or pencil to ensure that I don’t mark the fabric irretrievably!

Happy stitching!

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