Sewing is good for you!!


Surprise! Sewing May Be Good For Your Heart!
A clinical study commissioned by the Home Sewing Association (HSA) reveals that women who sew – both skilled as well as novice sewers — experience a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration rate when compared to women who participate in other leisure-time activities. Heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration rate are three key factors in the measurement of stress. The study’s results appear to indicate that sewing helps women to relax while they focus on a creative activity. 

I am always astonished when people I teach are surprised that they are having fun when learning to sew! I think it is one of the only activities a person can truly make something useful, whilst having fun and learning a new skill, all the while relaxing.  I regularly teach women with quite high profile jobs & it is always a pleasure to see them start to relax in to the activity & start to smile more, & even more so when they become repeat offenders & start to come to one of my drop-in classes!

So, whether it is a one-on-one session, or one of my one off classes like Machine Embroidery or Make do & Mend or something a little more challenging like Corsetry or Patchwork, why not learn something new in 2013? If you already know how to sew, why not join me for a quick brush up before heading off in to the world of the online marketplace and making yourself a few bucks? Or, as the article above tells us, why not just join in for a fascinating and completely absorbing new hobby which is good for you!

New courses for 2013:


This 4-week course starts on the 8th of January from 6.30pm at Flo-Jo Boutique, Gloucester Road. Continues from the first Tuesday of every month on a rolling basis. This course is ideal for beginners, or as a brush up on skills you already have. Bring your own simple pattern from Shift Dresses to Kids Clothes, & your own fabric and learn skills to make a lovely garment to fit perfectly.

Make do & Mend

10am-1pm Saturday 19th January at Flo-Jo Boutique, Gloucester Road.

Bought something on a whim at a Charity Shop & it doesn’t fit? Want to learn something specific like piping cushions, inserting zips or hemming? Come along to this one off course and we’ll tackle all of them!

Machine Embroidery

10am-1pm Saturday 9th February at Flo-Jo Boutique, Gloucester Road.

This one off morning course is so cool! Learn how to create and build up patterns using a machine to freehand machine stitch.


6-8.30pm for 5 weeks from Thursday 7th Feb.

This includes all the materials except one meter of your choice for the outside of the corset. Over the course you will learn traditional corset making techniques  so that you have a finished product with steel stays and fastenings. I have made up complete instruction sheets, and give you support via email too so from Gothic to Victorian fantasies by way of Burlesque & Vintage glitz come along to make the corset, tailored to fit you, of your dreams!

Pattern Cutting

6-8.30pm for 4 weeks from Thursday 14th March.

In this introduction to pattern cutting you will learn how to take accurate body measurements and transfer this to paper to make pattern blocks. Learn the basics of pattern manipulation and the process of creating toiles to develop your own designs. This is a course which doesn’t run often so be sure to book your place soon!

Watch out for other courses like Patchwork and Basic Dressmaking too!! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Happy stitching!

Original article from The Thrifty Stitcher.

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