Wonderful little tutorial from Vivid, Please!

sugar skull brooch

Not just for Halloween!!

For this, my first Tutorial Thursday, I wanted to share this because I love this little Tutorial, and I love Vivid too!

Click on the above picture for the Tutorial, then have a good poke around the Vivid Blogspot site, they’re crazy talented & I always see something I want, or want to make, or just plain drool over. I recently read a great book on owning a small growing business & it said to find people you admire to follow & take inspiration from to act as sort of unknowing Β mentors, & these guys are definitely one of mine. I really take courage from other growth businesses in the same crafty field as me because it means there is a market out there, & that I am not being delusional!

Happy shopping stitching!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful little tutorial from Vivid, Please!

  1. Hi Laura!

    Thanks so much for the awesome shout out πŸ˜€
    We’re so delighted to hear that you’re a fan of our work and you like our little sugar skull diy!
    Getting such lovely kudos from a fellow maker and blogger really means a lot to us as you’ll know yourself how difficult it is to start out your own business and keep all the plates spinning. Its amazing to hear you find our work so inspirational – you totally made our day πŸ˜€
    Your shop is absolutely amazing (I love top hats and anything with a vintage twist; you’ve stolen my heart!), and I’m certain you’re going to do really well with it all πŸ™‚ The best piece of advice I’d give to anyone starting out on their own is to keep working at it, even if you’re having a crappy day. Those days are the hardest to get through, but you’re commitment will pay off. Passion and persistence is key – procrastination doesn’t get you anywhere!! Also, don’t worry what anyone else is up to or what they think. There is only one of you, so you have to rock it!
    Good luck and I hope we keep inspiring you πŸ™‚
    Vicky x

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