Vintage patterns!

I have just been given some Vintage patterns! I keep reading how this happens to others, & have always been envious & now I am the one! Splendid!

Most are hilariously out dated, the 70s and 80s highlighted in unflattering illustrations & oddly posed photos with even odder fabric choices (why do they never make the garment illustrating the pattern from something a bit plainer?!) however; I have discovered some really wonderful patterns amongst the rest.

Three or four are underwear patterns from the 50s & 60s. As a Costumier these are invaluable & I shall probably make very good use out of them. A few more are from the same era, & I think I am keeping them for posterity! They are a very cute 60s suit pattern, a very Hepburn-esque dress pattern, which I adore for its simplicity & a mixed pattern full of skirts of different shapes which I am thinking of incorporating in to my classes because it contains some beautiful shapes. Lastly I am keeping an early 80s shirt pattern as I think I may be able to adapt it in to an adorable Victorian style shirt.

The pattern I got really rather excited about however; was an early 60s tie, Ascot and bow tie pattern complete with tying instructions! I lost my tie pattern many moons ago & as they are a rather complicated affair to put together I have been missing it terribly! I think I shall be making the bow tie and Ascot patterns as soon as possible, maybe even to go with my adapted Victorian style shirt!!


I have decided to keep just nine or ten. The others will go to be shared at various venues I teach at, & I am happy that the patterns chosen & made by a woman who made clothes for her family will be used this way. Some are unusable, or missing too many parts & I have decided to re-cycle them in to packaging & labels.

Looking at, & smelling that distinct dusty smell, really reminded me of learning to sew with my Mum, choosing patterns with her & strangely made me sad for the time when I was daunted by sewing! I haven’t had a pattern in my own home for many years now because I am an accomplished pattern cutter & grader & in a very weird way I have missed them. They are awkward to use, confusing, can tangle you up in the thinnest, shiny-est of paper but I think I feel like a proper sewer when I have them around!

Some of them have come with sewing terminology explanation diagrams & I intend to share these over the coming weeks.

Happy stitching!

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  1. I never thought I would have any love for the 70s and 80s patterns but on closer inspection there are always aspects of them that seem to have derived from earlier eras. Good to use elements of them I guess… but I’m still not ready for massive flares!

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