Flintlock Films.

I am sure I have mentioned that I am, by trade, a Costume Designer however; my partner & I also make short films together… which sounds like it’s a bit of a hobby when we actually take it very seriously!

Our last short Flat Footed Apocalypse was shown at a number of Short Film Festivals last year to acclaim & we are entering it into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition this year. We are also in the early stages of Pre-Production for our next short provisionally entitled Flintlock Fairytales

It is because of this that we have finally bitten the bullet & set up our own Production Company: Flintlock Films. Still in the early stages this is an incredibly exciting time for us. We’re slowly building up the team we will need to film later this year &, although I’ll be posting about it here I’m sure, you can head on over to the new Flintlock Films site to get up to date information on this swashbuckling odd little fairy tale.

Happy stitching!

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