Worth and Mainbocher online exhibition.

In 1860, Englishman Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) founded a Parisian atelier that defined the luxurious standards of the haute couture and set high fashions stylistic course for the balance of the 19th century…

Well worth a quick peek, this is from an online exhibition bringing you works from Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) & Mainbocher (Main Rousseau Bocher 1891-1976), the ‘masters of Haute Couture’. Exploring the ‘garments’ histories, details &  construction from the inside out’ this is a fabulous resource in to someone like Worth whose work I have seen very little of over the years. It seems to be cloistered away for fear of damage when possibly the real damage is the hiding away of such pieces of art work. My favorite is the above, a Wedding Dress from December 1878. They have provided background on the piece, as well as construction and fabric details:

The Victorian formula for the virginal white wedding gown—orange blossoms and tulle—is challenged here by the rich cherry clusters of the dress made for Annie Schermerhorn. The silk tape fringe and elaborate pearl embroidery underscore an elegance closely aligned with the house’s ball gowns. Although wedding protocol closely delineated the rare exceptions under which one could re-wear a wedding gown—foremost being presentation at the Court of Saint James—the opulent beauty of this design must have presented countless temptations for a repeat wearing. 

There are  several detailed close ups of each piece, with further information attached. It’s quite the treasure trove & I haven’t even touched on Mainbocher!


Take a look.

Happy stitching!

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