Sewing Hints & Tips #3

The difference between Petersham & Grosgrain Ribbon:

Both ribbons are ribbed & have a matte finish however; there is a very big difference: the edge finish. Grosgrain ribbon has a sealed edge (2), and Petersham (1) has a scalloped edge that is woven in one with the rest of the ribbon.

 1.   2.

 That scalloped edge on Petersham allows this type of ribbon to curve in a similar way as bias tape, especially when shaped with steam, making it ideal for hatbands, but also the binding on stays and shoes.  Grosgrain will not curve like this, making it more suited to ribbon trims with mitered corners, decorative bows and ties, or flat applied trimming.
Aren’t they both just so beautiful though?
Happy stitching!

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