This crazy business.

So, my Etsy shop finally went live on Tuesday. It went live very quietly, no big bang, no fireworks, no crowd of adoring fans & critics (as my 14 year old self would have imagined it!), but with the furious clickity-clack of my laptop keys as I waded through the fairly laborious process of listing. Despite adoring what I have managed to make so far I found trying to find something glamorous yet succinct to say about my creations, whilst trying so very hard not to sound pretentious!, extremely difficult.

The result of three months work stepped up to be judged as I sat in my local pub, over an unusually scrumptious panini and cappuccino. I had gone there with Fella to take some down time but in the end decided to press the metaphorical button & take the plunge.

Despite being very nervous it has actually turned out so far to be an incredible learning experience. Viewing my shop stats daily I can see when & where my ‘traffic’ is coming from, & what they are liking the most. One of my items has already been included in a treasury, which is a great  form of additional advertising, & a lovely surprise that someone else loves what you have done that much!

See the Treasury here:

I was disappointed that I couldn’t have had more ready for opening day however; Midnight Heights is scattered with the corpses of many different creations I am yet to breath life into. A strange side affect of listing everything I had ready is that I want to add more as soon  as possible, it’s like a drug! It has rejuvenated me & I am furiously back at the sewing machine.

This whole experience has been really inspiring. I have just registered officially as Self Employed & despite the fact I know there will be many challenges ahead- the nerve-wracking & completely scary Tax forms, the remembering to claim expenses & keep receipts, the first time someone inevitably complains- there will also be triumphs & it is those which inspire me and will hopefully keep this whole process moving forwards.

I understand that being Self Employed is not for the faint of heart, & most certainly it will not suit everyone however; it is something I have dreamed of being since before I had a name to call it. It is most certainly the reward for the many years I have had to hold down a full time job whilst designing and making costumes for film & theater work on a desk in my bedroom by night. That it still feels like I am bunking off is a whole other level & I am sure that feeling- delicious though it is- will wear off the minute I file my first tax return!

Happy stitching!

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