A mini Midnight photo shoot!

Here at Laura After Midnight we take photography very seriously. . . well, Midnight’s long suffering Fella does! All of which meant that we were to be found, after returning from the local where we had consumed an excellent steak, staging a mini photo shoot for a series of Mini Top Hats, Paper Tea Rose Corsages and a stunning corset created from an antique 1860s silk scarf.

The below is a mere flavor of what delights are in store, & in no way as glorious as the beautiful photos Fella has taken tonight however; I thought they were rather good fun! The staging tea cup for scale was Fellas idea. . . how useful is he?!

Each has been made entirely by hand, using vintage silks, lace & ribbons. Inspiration came from the burlesque to Victorian, & I can’t seem to stop making them!


Happy stitching!

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