Books we like.

Here is a dinky little Zine all about the sewing books I find most helpful, including some blinding Vintage sewing book finds… print off double-sided, cut along the dotted line then pop the top layer inside the bottom and fold to create a teeny tiny little book. Enjoy!

Christmas Pyjamas!!

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous, hand made pair of Pyjamas this Christmas? I know I shall be whipping up a few pairs to give as gifts, so I thought I’d share how to make up Pyjamas, without having to buy a Pattern! I have sorted out the following, super simple printables for you all to […]

Notions: Pattern Weights

… … … and introducing Christmas Month!! Yes, crazy and certifiably insane though this makes me I am declaring November to be Christmas Month!! There will be tutorials covering Christmas Decorations and Gift Makes with a couple extra special makes for the Girls… … and the Boys! I’ll also be sharing some of my favourite […]